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Whether you are enrolled in the attending or the distance/on line course, each academic year consists of 10 units spanning between 40-50 weeks.

The attending course commences generally in February or March each year and ends 10 months later in either November or December. Refer to the “College Dates”. You are provided with a re-enrolment form at the end of each academic year in preparation for the next year.

The distance/online course re/commences continuously throughout the year. As soon as you have met all academic requirements for the 10 units of one year, you are provided with the re-enrolment form for the next 10 units. Generally the distance or online academic year spans up to 50 weeks. However if you are able to complete sooner, you can simply re-enrol sooner into the next year of 10 units.

At times studying, in addition to personal and work commitments, can be stressful particularly if you are returning to study after a long period of time. We offer support with coping with the study load, and assessment requirements. Contact the campus office near you to make an appointment.

Tutoring Assistance

Some students who experience difficulty with study or who have a learning difficulty may require additional assistance to successfully complete their subjects. In such circumstances, lecturers will provide additional learning support, and tutoring assistance can be accessed through the Academic Team. Contact us on

Counselling Services

The College believes strongly in supporting students in all aspects of study life. The College provides access to external counselling services. All current students have access to this highly confidential counselling service for students.

Within any course, personal development is an important aspect which we try to foster through academic and pastoral support. Whilst academic achievement is the principal aim of each course, personal growth and a sense of achievement for the students is key to the enjoyment of the whole process.

We encourage that growth and sense of achievement in the following ways:

  • By making early contact with each new student to welcome them to the course and ensure that any initial concerns and anxieties are kept to a minimum
  • Helping to provide guidance, both educational and in terms of personal development, throughout the course, within specific boundaries
  • Having regular contact with students and being available for both ad hoc and appointed times for review of progress and identifying any difficulties students may be experiencing
  • Liaising with, or giving contact details for, other professionals or members of staff, as needed and agreed, to offer on-going support, be it academic or personal
  • Helping to reassure students that they have a voice that will be heard when the need arises
  • We also have a bi-monthly newsletter that goes out to the students to keep them in touch with what is going on in the college and in the wider homeopathic and health community
  • The newsletter encourages student participation through case studies submission