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The College of Natural Health & Homeopathy, formerly Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy, has been providing quality homeopathic education since 1989.  The College was the first educational institution in New Zealand to be accredited to provide homeopathy to level 7 on the NZQA framework and the first and only accredited provider for a Diploma of Homeopathy (Animal Health).   The College has become the largest and the leading training institution in New Zealand of homeopathy courses, attending and distance. The College has trained over 1000 homeopaths since its humble beginnings and is a valuable resource for the industry looking to employ professional and highly skilled practitioners.

The College of Natural Health & Homeopathy has recently become a part of Study Group, a global education company recognised for its delivery of high quality education.

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College of Natural Health & Homeopathy offers flexible learning options recognising the varying needs of students today. The College is unique in that it has campuses throughout New Zealand.  Equally, for those students choosing to study by distance within New Zealand, our programme allows you to study homeopathy anytime from virtually anywhere in the New Zealand.

The College provides the highest standard of classical homeopathic training in New Zealand, demonstrated by Government accreditation with NZQA and an ongoing commitment to provide a high quality training programme supported by a well-structured curriculum delivered by skilled educators who are experts in their fields. The College believes that education should be an enjoyable experience.

The College believes that education should be an enjoyable experience.

Studying with College of Natural Health & Homeopathy provides you with:         

  • A friendly, supportive, integrated learning environment
  • A range of flexible learning options
  • Highly qualified, professional and experienced tutors
  • Government approved courses 
  • Access to Student Loans and Allowances
  • Lectures for distance courses recorded live and offered online


To preserve, share and advance the philosophy of natural medicine within a worldwide community.  College of Natural Health & Homeopathy is a private training establishment focussed on ensuring the philosophy of natural medicine is preserved as interest in this area grows. College of Natural Health & Homeopathy is committed to promoting natural health both nationally and internationally by producing graduates of the highest quality.

The College’s Organisational Values

Values that guide each and every interaction we have with students, staff, consumers and stakeholders:

  • Authenticity - We do not pretend. We do not have false friends or colleagues. We are warm and genuine and understand that robust discussions aim to support openness and growth.
  • Clarity - We speak to the facts. We do not create mythology based on incorrect information. We verify the data and we act in the interests of clarity.
  • Student Centricity - All students are central to our existence. We work to engage and satisfy our prospective, current and past students like no other tertiary institution.
  • Happiness - We value positivity, joy, encouragement and strive to be in the moment. We affirm our own actions, those of others and the organisation.
  • Embodiment - We teach, support, live and breathe natural medicine and wellbeing. Be the contributions large or small, we consciously find ways to contribute to an holistic approach in everything we do.
  • Responsibility - We take personal ownership of our actions. We do not blame others. When we commit – we follow through. We model the very best in ethical conduct.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on principles laid down over 200 years ago by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. By utilising the principle of 'Similars' or 'Like Cures Like' and using only the smallest doses of non toxic medicinal substances, the therapy is both safe and effective.

Homeopathic teatment is directed at the whole person. A well selected homeopathic remedy can gently stimulate the natural healing forces of the body to bring about health.

Using the Law of Similars, homeopaths match the symptoms of the patient to the symptoms produced by a medicinal substance when given to a healthy person.  The testing of a substance on healthy persons is known as a ‘proving’.

The symptoms produced in provings form the content of our ‘database’, known in homeopathy as the Materia Medica.  It is the knowledge held within the Materia Medica that enables the homeopath to find the precise medicinal substance suited to the individual patient's needs, thereby bringing about an effective cure.

Minimum dose homeopathic remedies are largely derived from animal, plant and mineral sources. They are made using a method of serial dilution. The microdoses produced are called potentised remedies. The high dilutions produce extremely safe and effective medicines.

Homeopathy’s effectiveness in a wide range of conditions is increasingly being verified by high quality clinical and laboratory trials (both human and animal), many of which have been published in respected journals in recent years eg, The Lancet, British Medical Journal, Pediatrics.

Find out more about homeopathy and learn to use it in the home, in first aid situations and acute conditions – refer to Introductory Courses.

Clicking on any of the links below will enable you to find out more in depth information about Homeopathy:

What is Natural Health?

Natural health is concerned with maintaining good health naturally through the quality of the food and drink we take in, the air we breathe, our daily physical activities, quality of sleep and interactions with other people; in other words, how we live our lives on a daily basis.

Natural practices that help us to do this when we are in a state of reduced health are those that are non-invasive and support our intrinsic self-healing processes. These include homeopathy, naturopathic practices and herbalism, iridology, bioenergetic methods, massage, Reiki, acupuncture, yoga, biofeedback and hypnotherapy.

The College has an ongoing commitment to providing teachers who are skilled educators as well as experts in their fields. Our faculty and staff of over 25 trained professionals includes Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Animal Homeopaths, a Physiotherapist and Registered Homeopaths. The College uses world recognised, high calibre teaching staff who actively pursue their ongoing professional development in their fields of expertise and in teaching.

Alastair Gray - Associate Director NZ Operations

Msc(UK), BA Hons(NZ), ADH(NZ), DSH(UK), PCH(UK), PCHom(Malaysia)

Alastair Gray was appointed Associate Director NZ Operations in January 2015. He has been working with the general managers on a number of important projects, including expanding CNHH offerings by introducing a number of new courses, for existing health professionals and others.

Alastair lectured at CNHH from 1999-2010. Since 2008, he managed departments of homeopathy and bioscience, in Sydney and the Gold Coast, working at the cutting edge of education in e-learning for Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Alastair is currently doing his PhD in e-learning and complementary medicine at the University of Technology Sydney. Still a regular seminar and conference presenter worldwide, he is the author of 22 books and numerous articles on primary research in homeopathy and natural medicine. Along with the integration of all these interests, clinical practice still remains a significant focus.

Steven Castle - Chief Operations Officer


Steven’s career in the education sector commenced in 2003 as a Lecturer in Distributed Software Development & Database Design at AMES I.T. Academy before moving into a management role as Head of Administration in 2005. In 2010, Steven expanded his Administration Management role to include Business Development where he developed relationships with leading Information Technology companies such as Orion Health, Microsoft NZ and Telecom.

Steven accepted a position at the New Zealand College of Massage as Compliance Manager in 2012 and was introduced to massage therapy, natural health and wellbeing. Steven recently joined the CNHH team and looks forward to putting his experience in compliance, data analysis and audit to good use.

Susan Henricksen - Academic Manager

BHSc (Comp Med), Adv Dip Med Herb, Adv Dip Nat, Dip Hom

Education has always been a passion of Susan’s, especially to seek knowledge around medicine. Following a long career in a Medical Pathology Laboratory, Susan sought education in complementary medicine as a source of a more holistic approach to wellness. This resulted in Diplomas in Naturopathy, Western Medical Herbalism and Homeopathy and a Bachelor of Health Science.

Practise gave way to education again and Susan started teaching at the Colleges she had trained at and also with Pharmacy staff as a Sales Rep with Naturopharm.

Following six years at NZ College of Massage teaching Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Research and managing the Auckland site, Susan has returned to her Homeopathy roots at CNHH after undertaking the role of Academic Manager. Susan will draw on her knowledge and experience to support the students in their study in Homeopathy. There are also plans for a Masters in Education, the search for knowledge never ends!

College Administration

Judy Coldicott - South Island Course Coordinator and Senior Lecturer

DipTchg, DipHom, ADH, RCHom, ADH

Judy trained and worked as a primary teacher prior to her homeopathy studies. She became interested in homeopathy after seeing great results with her family and went on to complete her Diploma in Homeopathy in 1995. Judy began practicing and teaching introductory courses in South Canterbury and in 1996, became a homeopathy tutor at Aoraki Polytechnic.

In 1999, Judy became South Island Coordinator for the Bay of Plenty College. She is well loved by students and staff alike - especially for the clarity of her teaching and for her energy and enthusiasm!

Deborah Joy - Tauranga Centre & Clinic Administrator


Becoming a parent opened Deborah to alternative, (organic, sustainable) living. Deborah has studied many healing modalities and worked in administration for over 20 years. A move to the Bay of Plenty coincided with the opportunity to join the team at CNHH so now Deborah has the trifecta of her beliefs, passions and experience in one. 

Anne Kohu - Tauranga Office Manager, Enrolment Officer and Maori Liaison Officer


Anne’s inquisitive nature means she draws on experiences and inspiration from a broad spectrum of industries from the service industry to telecommunications installation work. However it was a health scare that sent Anne on a different journey of discovery. It was a coffee group in the early 1980s where they talked about homeopathy for the family and for cows at calving time that lead her to study with BOPCOH in 2001.

Anne manages the Tauranga office of CNHH including maintaining the College learning management system (Moodle) and is our Maori Liaison Officer.

Kristy Logan - Marketing Coordinator and Financial Support

DipHom, Massage Cert

Kristy has a background in accounts and was previously working as an accounts manager. However, she has always had a keen interest in natural health and practises as a massage therapist and homeopath, having completed her studies in homeopathy at CNHH.

Kristy is currently working as part of the Academic Team at the College, helping to implement new courses as well as her role in marketing, social media and communications. This role has given her the opportunity to follow her passion and bring an awareness of homeopathy and natural health to the public through expos and open days at the College.

Jennie Rassell - Animal Course Coordinator

BSc Hons, Dip Hom, DipHom(Animal Health), RCHom

Jennie received her degree in Microbiology from Canterbury University and worked in education and research, particularly in the Agricultural sector in NZ before turning her focus to family and farm life. She and her husband began to explore organic production methods and successfully converted their kiwifruit orchard to organics as a result. Jennie found her interest in Homeopathy blooming alongside the passion for organics and completed both the ‘human’ and ‘animal’ Diploma programmes at the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy.

Now, Jennie has a thriving practice for both animals and humans in Tauranga, New Zealand. She also lectures at BOPCOH and on the Certificate of Homeopathy programme in the school of nursing in Rotorua, NZ.

Jill Tuwhare - Blended Learning Engagement and Academic Support


Jill thrives on the challenge of helping to overcome 'obstacles to study' and supporting students. She is the Weekend Coordinator on the Auckland Campus and helps to run CNHH's mentor programme for student and graduate homeopaths. Jill is passionate about homeopathy, her homeopathic practice, research, nutrition and natural health. 

Catherine Wilson - Auckland Centre & Clinic Administrator

Catherine started her working life as an apprentice typographer at the New Zealand Herald. On becoming a qualified tradesperson she went from a hot metal environment to the first use of computers at the Herald. She then went on to work in the UK for 7 years for a property marketing company, doing research and the company invoicing. Upon return to New Zealand in 2009 she decided to follow her interest in natural medicine and is consequently working in the Auckland office in an administration role.

Lecturers of Homeopathy

  • Julia Alabaster
    BSc(UK), MSc(NZ), DipHom, DipHom(Animal Health), RCHom
  • Tania Aroha-Twentyman
  • Annabel Calder
    BA, DipTchg, DipHom, RCHom
  • Dr Kerry Clancey
    MBChB, DipObs, DipHom, ADH, RCHom
  • Judy Coldicott
    DipTchg, DipHom, ADH, RCHom
  • Dr Deborah Collins
    MD(NL), RCHom
  • Dr Sandy Dinsdale
    MB ChB, DipObs, FRNZCGP, RCHom
  • Alastair Gray
    DSH (UK), PCH(UK), RSHom(UK), AHA(Aust), BA Hons(NZ)
  • Rhonda Hamilton-Cross
    DipHom (Human & Animal Health), RCHom
  • Su Hutchinson
    DipHom, RCHom, Cert.Natural Health Studies
  • Carol Keelty
    DipHom ADH, RCHom Fiona Lane, BA(Otago), DipHom(Animal Health), RCHom
  • Helen Kennedy
    BHSc, DipHom, RCHom
  • Fiona Lane
    BA DipEd (UK), DipHom (Animal Health)
  • Lee-Anne McCall
    DipHom, CEASE Therapist
  • Jeannette (Jem) Moon
    DipHom, ADH, RCHom
  • Jennie Rassell
    BSc Hons, Dip Hom, Dip Hom(Animal Health),RCHom, ADH
  • Genevieve Scase
    BSc(Hons)(UK), DipHom(UK), ADH, RCHom
  • Sue Spurling
    MA, RCHom, DipHom, RN, RSCN, RHV(Dip), RCNT, RCST, TIDHA
  • Dr Barbara Stumbles
    BVSc, DipHom(Animal Health), RCHom
  • Suzi Tetenburg
    RCHom, BFRP
  • Tineke Verkade
    RN, ND (Holl), DipHerb, DipHom (Animal Health), ADH, RCHom, BSc
  • Jill Wilby
    BA, DipHom.RCHom

Lecturers of Medical Science

  • Xanthe Ashton
    BSc(Hons), CST Cert Adult Ed
  • Hannah Crawford-McQuillan
    BPhysio, DipHom
  • Gudrun Dannenfeldt
    MSc(Nursing), DCur, RCoN(NZ)
  • Dr Judith Nicholson
    BSc(Hons) PhD
  • Dr Barbara Stumbles
    BVSc, DipHom(Animal Health), RCHom
  • Barry Vautier
    ND, DipTherMass, BHS, Cert FK

Learn more about homeopathy and treatments in this series of articles by Judy Coldicott ADH RCHom. Judy is a Senior Tutor at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy and has been practicing homeopathy from her clinic in South Canterbury for over 18 years. She has seen many exciting results during this time, and through these articles hopes to bring you some practical pointers on the use of homeopathy for acute ailments so that you feel more confident and get results using basic homeopathic remedies for your family.