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The Four Year Diploma Course aims to educate the student to a practitioner standard.

It is a diploma course based on current national and international standards. It demands commitment and application on the part of the student.

The course offers training in all aspects of homeopathy - from philosophy and theory to practical clinical application. Medical Science is included in the course to national accreditation standards.

The course covers six main subjects :

  • Philosophy
  • Theory
  • Materia Medica
  • Practical Application including clinical training
  • Medical Science
  • Therapeutics

Clinical training is included in the 'Practical Application' subject area. Beginning in year two, students are required to undertake on-site training with registered homeopathic practitioners. Each year of the course the subjects increase in depth and level of integration and are designed to facilitate a smooth, steady transition on the part of the student.

The Four year Diploma Course is approved by NZQA and qualifies for student loans and allowances by the Ministry of Education.