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The enrolment process has a few steps, College staff will happily assist you to complete these.

  1. Download and complete our enrolment form or complete your enrolment online.
  2. Attach the relevant documents required and mail to: CNHH, PO Box 784, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand or scan and email to:
  3. Once we receive your application, we will arrange a face to face or online interview. It is important for you to understand the scope of the course you are enrolling in and the commitment you will need to successfully complete and achieve the intended outcomes. At the interview, this is a good time to also discuss any RPL options if this has not already been sorted for you.
  4. After a successful interview, you are sent an enrolment pack to be completed and returned to our College staff.

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Guiding Principles and Policies on Admissions

The College believes that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

We recognise that learners have diverse backgrounds and experiences. We wish to encourage learners who have a genuine enthusiasm for the study of homeopathy to apply. The College provides a structured curriculum, qualified tutors, guided homestudy, regular assessments, feedback channels, and administrative support. Students are expected to be of good character, motivated to study and be responsible for their own successful learning.

A sound proficiency in the written and spoken use of English is essential for successful completion of the course requirements. Admissions are open to both domestic New Zealand students and International students. (International students will be expected to demonstrate competency in written and spoken English e.g. IELTS 6.0 or equivalent).

Foundation Course Admissions (Attending and Distance Learning)

Students from many backgrounds have successfully completed the Foundation Course and the full Diploma at the College. Homeopathy is an academic subject. Therefore prospective students must meet ANY one of the following:

  • University Entrance, Bursary or NCEA equivalent qualification, or
  • Being 18 years of age and having either NZ 6th form certificate in one or more subjects, or
  • Being 18 years of age and showing proficiency in written English and comprehension of Science.

Diploma of Homeopathy Course Admissions (Attending and Distance)

Successful completion of the Foundation Year is required for entry into the second year of the Diploma of Homeopathy programme. Transfers from other colleges in New Zealand and overseas are welcome. Transfer students need to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and may need to undertake upgrades before continuing with their studies.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Transfer Students

  • The College is prepared to assess prospective students with previous training or experience on a case-by-case basis, for advanced placement, or credit towards College requirements.
  • Medical Science assessments may be waived for registered statutory health professionals with a current practice certificate; e.g. doctors, midwives, registered nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists etc. Candidates for waiver must supply documentation to the College.

Our full-time attending and distance delivery options are designed to cater for the needs of learners wishing to study homeopathy to professional registration level. Our flexible delivery approach is equally suited to mature students and to school leavers who may wish to integrate study and work. The delivery format of all full-time courses comprises ten weekends per year of intensive tutor and peer contact.

The College’s weekend intensives are augmented by continual assessments and supported by directed study (15-20 hours a week needed to successfully complete the programme).

Distance study continues to be a popular option with the opportunity to pursue their studies while maintaining existing family and work commitments. Distance students watch the lectures recorded live in class and accessed online via the College Moodle site. Students are able to receive tutor support face-to-face or via email, phone and ‘Skype’ and regular newsletter updates. Students studying by distance are encouraged to attend college weekends at one of the three venues at no extra cost.
Distance study is available within New Zealand only.

The option for students to attend classes provides the opportunity for peer networking by students. The same stage of the curriculum is delivered at all venues over the same teaching period and students can choose to attend at any venue to network with their future professional colleagues. Resources are also available to full-time attending students. For example, if a student has to miss a teaching weekend (due to personal or other commitments) they can complete their learning and study requirements of the same teaching session online, so 100% virtual attendance is possible for all learners.

The Courses

Course Units Years Description
Foundation Course 1-10 1 to 2 Study the basic concepts of homeopathy and medical science.
Learn to treat family and friends safely and effectively in first aid and acute situations.
Diploma of Homeopathy
(New Zealand)
11-40 3 to 5 Study all aspects of homeopathy in depth.
Graduate as a qualified homeopathic practitioner.
Qualify for advanced training with either of the Colleges' degree pathways.

Rebecca Stirrup

Diploma of Homeopathy graduate

Rebecca StirrupA determination to give disadvantaged communities access to natural therapies has seen College of Natural Health and Homeopathy graduate Rebecca Stirrup make a significant philanthropic contribution in Auckland and throughout Africa.

After managing her own homeopathy clinics in Auckland for 15 years Rebecca took the bold decision to use her expertise to give back to communities which desperately needed healthcare support.

“I had wanted to volunteer for a long time and had a special interest in Africa. When an opportunity came up to support renowned homeopath Jeremy Sherr with the ‘Homeopathy for Health in Africa’ project he was running in Tanzania, I jumped at it and found it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca spent three and a half months in Tanzania providing homeopathic treatments to the local community to treat a wide variety of illnesses, many of which are side effects of HIV – including flu, cuts and tuberculosis.

“It was so gratifying to see the impacts homeopathic treatments had on these communities, and how well the remedies complemented conventional treatments of AIDS and HIV. I loved becoming entrenched in a community and using my skills to make a contribution,” said Rebecca.

Following this trip Rebecca was invited by Kenya homeopathy college 4Kenia to share her knowledge of homeopathy.

Rebecca is also planning a trip to Malawi in East Africa, where she will work in a remote village to train a group of locals to become proficient in using homeopathy to perform basic first aid in their communities.

“This is such an exciting project to work on as our help will empower these communities to become less reliant on volunteers to provide them with aid,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca also works with charities in South Auckland to provide homeopathic services to people from disadvantaged communities.

Rebecca’s work with Jeremy Sherr also opened up a door for her to edit two of his renowned texts Helium and Neon.

“Working with Jeremy on his books allowed me to use my skills in a completely different way. It is the type of opportunity I never envisioned would be a reality when I started my homeopathy studies. It has been a very exciting and rewarding career.”

Lee-Anne McCall


Lee-Anne McCallI graduated from the College with a Diploma of Homeopathy in 2008. I’m absolutely passionate about homeopathy and natural healthcare. I believe that with homeopathy we have an amazing opportunity to heal in an extremely effective manner as our remedies have the ability to heal wounds from generations past as well as current stressors.

I have seen the homeopathic remedies help shift people to greater health on the physical, emotional and mental levels and, in addition, people notice a positive change in their consciousness.

During my studies at the College, I took the opportunity to take as many cases as possible. Indeed I am profoundly grateful for the support and mentorship I received throughout my training. Each week my supervisor would receive newly written up cases so that my prescription could be checked. By being determined to see as many people as I possibly could, I graduated with a wee bit of confidence that I could jump into full-time practice. I would encourage every student to do this. Please make use of the wonderful mentorship you will get during your studies.

Two months after graduating in February 2009, I opened up a small retail store that housed a homeopathic dispensary and also contained two clinic rooms from where I started to practice. I am still in the same premises where I now employ a full-time naturopath and also another homeopath part-time. Going into full-time practice straight away was not without its challenges but, because my clinic is very busy and I see so many clients each week, I am constantly evolving as a homeopath. I want to encourage any students reading this to know that you will attract the clients that can benefit from your skills no matter what stage you are at. As you know more, your cases will become more complex. Do not let being a new graduate hold you back from unleashing your skills upon the world as each one of us has so much to give to our communities and can make such a positive impact.

I was very blessed to be asked to teach at our Auckland campus 2 years ago and must say it is the highlight of my month! I love encouraging the students onwards and am constantly squirreling away the knowledge I am learning daily to pass on to the students each time I see them. I, myself, am still learning having just graduated in CEASE therapy and this is what I love as a homeopath. I may become very, very good but I may never master this art and science as it is constantly evolving. I wish all new students the best of luck in their studies and endeavours and want to affirm to them the immeasurable good that you will do for your clients and community in becoming a homeopathic practitioner.

Much love xx

Vicki Mathison

BA Psych, DipHom(Animal Health)

Vicki MathisonI first discovered Homeopathy through Mary Glaisyer performing what seemed to me to be inexplicable miracles, on my animals. Mary encouraged me to apply for the BOP College Animal Homeopathy course in 2004.

My background before throwing myself into this new way of viewing the world, was Teaching, Visual Arts, Sculpture, Journalism, Vet Nursing and Psychology- plus a passion for horses spanning 43 years.

It seemed, at 53 years old, a daunting change of direction but I have found that Homeopathy encompasses all of my passions in one modality. At last I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up!

I was lucky enough in my first two years of study to have a large group of willing horse and dog owners who allowed me to treat acute non-serious conditions during my training. This made the transition from student to practitioner much less alarming. However there were many times when faced with complex and serious problems, that I was looking behind me frantically searching for the expert!

When I graduated in 2007, I decided to throw caution to the wind, give up my part time employment and become a full time Homeopath. This I have been doing for the past 6 years.

My practice is comprised of about 2/3 animal clients and 1/3 human. When the owners of my clients saw how Homeopathy worked for their animals, many of them were inspired to try it for themselves. I love treating both ends of the lead rope as so often the animal is reacting to the internal turmoil of its owner.

In 2009, I was asked to illustrate several cases presented in Interhomeopathy – this led to submitting a few of my own cases with illustrations. The following year Narayana Publishers requested I write and illustrate a book on Homeopathic Materia Medica for Animals – translated into English, German and French. Subsequently I have just completed a human version with around 500 illustrations – phew! The next project is an illustrated book on therapeutics for horses.

Earlier this year Narayana invited me to speak at the Homeopathic Veterinary congress in Germany – this plunged me into a state of pure terror! Unfortunately I was unable to travel to Germany at that time but there is a chance of this happening around 2016.

I have been so incredibly fortunate with the excellent training provided by BOP College of Homeopathy, the generosity of colleagues and friends and the opportunities that have come my way.

What could be more wonderful than driving through the countryside on route to a consult with yet another beautiful horse ; knowing that we have such an amazing treatment to offer – one that acknowledges the animal’s emotional life, psychological state, view of the world and past experiences... along side its physical problems.

Qualification Accreditation

Who are we?
Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy trading as College of Natural Health & Homeopathy (CNHH) is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

What do we offer?
Our Diploma programmes are approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

What is EER?
NZQA uses external evaluation and review (EER) as its standard means of reviewing the educational performance and capability in self-assessment of tertiary education organisations. It forms part of the accountability process required by Government to inform investors, the public, students, prospective students, communities, employers and other interested parties.

NZQA has recently reviewed the College of Natural Health & Homeopathy (CNHH). The Report says:

  • "There is evidence that CNHH is meeting the most important needs of learners and other key stakeholders."
  • CNHH matches the needs of its learners through face-to-face, distance or blended learning according to need.
  • "The clinical training and live or video-recorded case studies used for learning and/or assessments are a real strength."
  • "The employer stakeholders spoken to by NZQA were very positive and specific about the knowledge and skills of CNHH graduates."
  • "CNHH's tutors are highly qualified and experienced and still current homeopathic practitioners." This means that all programmes, activities and resources are regularly updated to ensure their relevance and currency.
  • CNHH has a system of regular contact with all distance students and students say they feel valued, connected, part of the College and know what to expect so feel less overwhelmed.
  • "Staff take a proactive and responsive approach to providing all students with ongoing quality guidance and support based on meeting the needs of the whole person and providing the flexibility relevant to each learner's personal and family circumstances."

CNHH is committed to providing the best education for our students now and in the future. We have recently implemented the following:

  • Enhanced student and employer feedback mechanisms
  • Enhanced teaching and learning practices
  • New initiatives and staff to attract and retain Maori students
  • Additional support for Maori and Pasifika students with resources, scholarships and individual face-to-face tutoring

To support the needs of our stakeholders and continue to meet the needs of our students we plan to implement the following:

  • Enhanced online delivery to support students' learning and interactions with each other and their tutors, including one-on-one support
  • A new mentoring programme for graduates
  • Opportunities for students to work with key stakeholders to provide homeopathic treatment for the public
  • Advanced workplace training opportunities for advanced students and new graduates

The January 2015 EER of Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy trading as College of Natural Health & Homeopathy (CNHH) has ratings of:

Not yet confident in educational performance and
Not yet confident in capability in self-assessment

You can view our NZQA EER report at

Professional Associations

CNHH Courses are developed and revised through consultation with stakeholders such as professional associations, external academics, industry, students and graduates.

New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH)

Graduates of College of Natural Health & Homeopathy with a Diploma of Homeopathy or Diploma of Homeopathy (Animal Health) are eligible to apply for registration with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH). NZCH are the homeopathic industry professional association. Certain Insurance companies offer rebates for their client who consult a homeopath registered with NZCH. Those on benefits can apply to WINZ for rebates on homeopathic consultations with a homeopath registered with NZCH.

The Natural Health Council (NZ) Inc.

(NHC) NHC is a national, professional council which includes members from all natural health modalities with well-documented scopes of practice and high standards of education and monitoring of practitioners. CNHH graduates once registered with the NZCH are then automatically members of NHC and can apply for professional indemnity insurance through NHC.

Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ)

College of Natural Health & Homeopathy is a member of the Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ), a national organisation representing private tertiary institutions in New Zealand. The Association is recognised by the Government and government agencies as the main representative of the sector. ITENZ is dedicated to uniting the private tertiary education (PTE) sector and representing the collective membership in a competitive and challenging political environment.

Course fees are to be paid in full and are due at the beginning of the course.

The NZQA and Ministry of Education require the College to indemnify students' fees throughout the academic year. The College's policy is to maintain an extended Trust Account for Fee Protection in order to further protect student fees. Student fees are transferred from a Trust Account only as they are used by students. In the unlikely event of the College ceasing to operate, students can obtain a refund of unused fees from Trustees.

The fees are partially funded by Government for those with NZ Residency or Citizenship.

Course fees do not include text books and other study related resources. These study related costs can vary from year to year, refer to the attached fees schedule.

The College Diplomas are accepted for Student Loans & Allowances. Contact Studylink to check if you are eligible and to apply.

Refund Policy

If a student wishes to withdraw from the College of Natural Health & Homeopathy, the student must notify the College in writing of the decision to withdraw

 When the College receives notification it will refund unused fees according to the requirements of the Education Act 1989 Section 236A. This entitles students to a refund of prepaid tuition fees less 10% if the withdrawal occurs 7 days after the first day of the course.

Students wishing to apply for a refund within this period must complete a withdrawal form which gives written notification. After the first 8 days refunds may be granted on compassionate grounds at the discretion of the College Principal.

No refund will be given in the case of a student being dismissed.

College of Natural Health & Homeopathy has the following Scholarship arrangements:

To offer education assistance in the Maori and Pacific communities, the College offers a limited number of scholarships annually. Contact the College for information.

College of Natural Health & Homeopathy has a strategic alliance with Parents Centre to provide natural health education initiatives for new parents and parents-to-be.

To support this, the College offers one scholarship annually for Parents Centre Volunteers and Childbirth Educators. Applications are directed to Parents Centre:

General scholarships are available at the discretion of the College.

Please contact the College for further information. Scholarships are available only for NZ Citizens or residents.