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Our introductory courses generally cover the basics of some philosophy, theory and instruction in simple use of each modality. These short courses are an ideal way to try a modality and see if you want to make it a career or simply enjoy the health benefits in your life with family and friends.

Half Day Courses

Homeopathic First Aid for Cats & Dogs - $45.00

You want the best care for your cat and dog and you want it fast. In this half-day course you will learn how best to support your cat or dog in acute situations using homeopathic remedies.

This practical course covers:

  • Homeopathy and how it works
  • 12 homeopathic first aid remedies
  • How to choose the right remedy for a particular situation
  • When and how often to give a remedy
Date Campus  

Saturday 5 November 2016



One Day Courses

Introduction to Homeopathy - $100.00

Homeopathy is a natural holistic medicine that assists the body to restore balance.

This one day course introduces the basics of homeopathy. Learn how you can make a positive difference to the health of yourself and your family. Build on your knowledge about homeopathy and be confident to prescribe remedies for acute situations. Learn and become familiar with the key concepts central to homeopathy and watch it at work in your everyday life!

We will cover:

  • An overview of the philosophy (history and principles) of Homeopathy
  • What Homeopathy is
  • An overview of a selection of remedies so you may be confident on how to use the remedies
  • A selection of Therapeutic conditions and remedies to use them for
Date Campus  
Saturday 1 October 2016 Auckland


Saturday 8 October 2016 Tauranga


Sunday 18 September 2016 Christchurch


Saturday 26 November 2016 Auckland




Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September 2016 Auckland